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Apparent distance conservation in Matlab plot window while rotating 3D objects

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When you plot a 3D object in Matlab and turn it around the apparent distance to this object will change, even if you set axis equal first for instance.
As far as I know, this has always been so, and still is (though my version is 2019b, not the latest one).
Would you please know a way, an other option to set, to make them static ?
Thank you
Edit : by the way, do you know an option to change/tune the field of view of the camera ?
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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong il 13 Ago 2023
Turn on the cameratoobar, and the rotation with this tool might also meets your reques) of constant distance?
Nicolas Douillet
Nicolas Douillet il 16 Ago 2023
Spostato: Bruno Luong il 16 Ago 2023
Ok I realized I have to be even clearer.
I am going to eplore the camera toolbar possibilities -which I didn't really know until now- and then come back here -with a relevant example if possible- if necessary. Thank you for your comments and answers.

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico il 12 Ago 2023
I'm confused. If you plot two things in 3-d, you change the view using the function view.
But OF COURSE things change when you rotate the axes.
x = [1;3];
y = [2;8];
z = [0;5];
axis equal
% the default view
[az,el] = view
az = -37.5000
el = 30
% new figure
axis equal
And in the second, the two points appear now virtually next to each other. So you would expect the apparent distance to change, as a function of the perspective. I could have set them dead on, so the two points would be on top of each other too.
So what do you think is wrong in this?
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Nicolas Douillet
Nicolas Douillet il 13 Ago 2023
Thank you for this answer. However this is not what I mean. I am talking abour the distance between the camera / the observer and the object.

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