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pandas in matlab using iloc for indexing

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Amir Azadeh Ranjbar
Amir Azadeh Ranjbar il 4 Ott 2023
Risposto: Mike Croucher il 29 Mag 2024
i want use pandas in matlab but i cant use this for iloc indexing :
% Import pandas:
pd = py.importlib.import_module('pandas');
% Create a dataframe:
df = pd.read_csv('movies.csv');
df.iloc(int8(5)) % in this line i got some error ->
"Same base class matlab.mixin.internal.indexing.Paren specified more"+...
"than once for class py.pandas.core.indexing._iLocIndexer. Specify"+...
"each base class only once."
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Aimee Nogoy
Aimee Nogoy il 28 Mag 2024
Did you ever figure this out? Got a similar error but for a different module

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Mike Croucher
Mike Croucher il 29 Mag 2024
Indexing into Pandas data frames in this way is not supported. As of R2024a, you can convert the dataframe to a MATLAB table and then index into that
%Make a pandas dataframe
last_names = py.pandas.Series({"Sanchez","Johnson","Zhang","Diaz","Brown"},dtype="object");
age = py.numpy.random.randint(18,high=85,size=py.len(last_names));
height = py.numpy.random.randint(60,high=78,size=py.len(last_names));
df = py.pandas.DataFrame(struct("LastName",last_names,"Age",age,"Height",height));
%Convert to table
md = table(df)
md =
5×3 table
LastName Age Height
_________ ___ ______
"Sanchez" 45 75
"Johnson" 29 64
"Zhang" 65 71
"Diaz" 26 76
"Brown" 23 71
%Index into it
ans =
1×3 table
LastName Age Height
_________ ___ ______
"Sanchez" 45 75


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