How to get latex to render when using fig2plotly?

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Emily il 2 Nov 2023
Commentato: Emily il 2 Nov 2023
I recently discovered that I can use plotly to export an html file with my plot in it, with the javascript embeded to be able to rotate the figure! I'm using Plotly | Online Matlab graphing. However the latex in my figure labels and titles doesn't render correctly. I've googled a bit and see that people on non-matlab platforms also have this problem with plotly offline and that the fix has something to do with loading MathJax (e.g. this thread and this one and references therein). Does anybody here know what a Matlab user should do to get html files with latex titles using plotly?
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Emily il 2 Nov 2023
Also, if you know the answer and also like to answer github questions, somebody else has this same question:

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