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How to send the Moving RMS value to workspace?

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Risposto: Divyanshu il 19 Dic 2023
I am working with the RMS value of current in simulink. I need the RMS value sent workspace. My sample time 4.960317460317460e-06. Now in the moving RMS block, I am having trouble in getting the RMS value. The problem is with the window length and overlap length. I set the window length 206000 which is more than 1/(4.960317460317460e-06) or 201600. But everytime I simulate, I get the follwoing info:
  • The input signal length (number of rows) 1 is not a multiple of the HopSize (Window Length - Overlap Length): 206000. Select the 'Allow Arbitrary Fixed size signals' check box or use an input length which is a multiple of 206000.
So I selected the aribary signal checkbox. Then It simulates but I don't see get any value in the workspcae. What is causing the problem? The help would be appriciated.

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Divyanshu il 19 Dic 2023
Hi Ananta,
I am assuming that you want to save the values produced by 'Moving RMS' block to base workspace. This can be achieved by using the 'To Workspace' block. You can go through the following steps:
  • Connect the output of 'Moving RMS' block to 'To Workspace' block.
  • In the Block parameters dialog box for 'To Workspace' block set the Save Format to 'Array'.
  • Now in the base workspace go to out>simout. This will hold the output values of 'Moving RMS' block at each time step.
Please refer the following documentation for further details about 'To Workspace' block:
For more details about the error message you can refer the following documentation:
Hope it helps!




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