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Error training Yolo V4 object detector

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Jose il 27 Apr 2024
I am running the scripts in Gazebo Simulation of Semi-Structured Intelligent Bin Picking for UR5e Using YOLO and PCA-Based Object Detection example and everthing works well. However, when I try to train the detector by using the trainYoloV4ForSimCuboidObject.mlx live script, I get this error:
Intermediate dot '.' indexing produced a comma-separated list with 0 values, but it must produce a single value when followed by subsequent indexing operations.
plY{i} = layerAnalyzer.Outputs.Meta{1};
[sizes, formats] = iForwardExampleInputsLayerGraph(net, opts.Outputs, X{:});
[orderedNetworkActivationSizes, ~] = deep.internal.sdk.forwardDataAttributes(lgraph,'Outputs',orderedDetectionNetworkSource);
[lgraph, params.DetectionNetworkSource] = iConfigureDetector(lgraph,numClasses,params.AnchorBoxes,params.DetectionNetworkSource,params.PredictedBoxType);
params = yolov4ObjectDetector.parseDetectorInputs(varargin{:});
I didn't change anything and I provided the recommended donwnloaded dataset folders. So, what could be the cause of this error?

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