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Running main model with fixed step solver and subsystem with variable step solver

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My aim is to integrate a Simulink protected model which runs on variable step solver with our vehicle plant model which runs on Fixed step solver ode1 with a time step of 1ms. I would like to know if it is possible to do the same. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Torsten il 28 Apr 2024
Spostato: Torsten il 28 Apr 2024
Given: Results for both models at time t.
  1. Call the variable step solver for a time period of 1 ms (maybe using the inputs of the fixed step solver at time t).
  2. Call the fixed step solver for a time period of 1 ms (maybe using the inputs of the variable step solver at time t).
  3. Set t = t + 1ms.
  4. Goto 1.
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Paul il 28 Apr 2024
Modificato: Paul il 29 Apr 2024
My initial reaction to this answer was "that's not how Simulink works, at least not easily." But, with R2024a Simulink implemented a new feature called Simulation Objects that may make this approach workable, especially if the protected model and the vehicle plant model only interact with each other at well-defined times. I haven't yet tried Simulation Objects. See this blog post and the doc page(s) linked from there for more information.

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Paul il 28 Apr 2024
R2022a introduced the concept of a "Local Solver" when using referenced models, which might be what you're looking for. This blog post, and the comments, along with the current, relevant doc pages might be of interest.


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