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cannot get a rectangle with linem

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Bayes il 22 Nov 2015
Risposto: Chad Greene il 22 Nov 2015
I am trying the draw a rectangle on the world map. The our vertices in (latitude, longitude) are [-60, -140] [-60, 140] [60, 140] [60, -140].
I used the following command:
linem([-60;-60], [-140;140], 'm-');
linem([-60;60], [140;140], 'm-');
linem([60;60], [-140;140], 'm-');
linem([60;-60], [-140;-140], 'm-');
It seems that I can only get two vertical lines. Does anyone have any suggestion?

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene il 22 Nov 2015
I get the same problem using Matlab 2012b. I've been finding a number of weird behaviors with Mapping Toolbox plotting functions lately. The first thing I always try as a workaround is to manually perform coordinate transformations, then plot using standard plotting functions. To do this,
  1. Initialize a map,
  2. Transform coordinates, then
  3. plot using standard (non-mapping toolbox) plotting functions. Here's an example:
% Using these coordinates for your bounding box:
lat = [-60 -60 60 60 -60];
lon = [-140 140 140 -140 -140];
% Initialize a map:
% Perform coordinate transformation:
[x,y] = mfwdtran(lat,lon);
% Plot using line instead of linem:
However, the bounding box does not follow the curves of the projection, so you might want to densify the lines before doing coordinate transformation:
lat = [-60 -60:60 60:-1:-60];
lon = [-140 140*ones(1,121) -140*ones(1,121)];
[x,y] = mfwdtran(lat,lon);

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