getting a matrix from Excel data

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Radoslav Vandzura
Radoslav Vandzura il 4 Dic 2015
Commentato: jgg il 9 Dic 2015
Hello All. Could you advise me, how can i get a matrix from excel sheet to Matlab? Part of my excel sheet is attached here. Thank you for help...

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jgg il 4 Dic 2015
There are a couple of ways.
  • The simplest way, if you're new to Matlab, is use the the file import tool. It's under the File menu > Import Data.
  • You can also call the import scripts from the command line. For instance is probably the command you're looking for. In your example, [numbers,text,all] = xlsread(filename,1,'A1:I3') would read in your information as three matrices, one holding the numbers, the other holding the non-numeric parts (and one of the original data).
  • The importdata command might also be useful: the documentation is here:
I think in general, if you have mixed data that's both numeric and non-numeric, it's a good idea to try and use the tool first. Some of the other tools may not give you output in the format you expect, or can throw an error if they encounter unexpected data. It will also allow you to handle errors or missing data more naturally.
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Radoslav Vandzura
Radoslav Vandzura il 4 Dic 2015
Yes, I know these ways. But I need insert these data into matrix, because I need analyze clustering and other method for analyze....So I need to have data stored in matrix...
jgg il 9 Dic 2015
I think I am confused about what you are trying to do. The methods will put your data in a matrix. Some of them will be numeric, some will be string. These are both acceptable grouping variables (see
If you need to convert the string variables to numerical categories, you can use the grp2idx command (<>) then you can create dummy variables with dummyvar.
If this isn't what you're trying to do, you'll need to explain more clearly or give an example of what you'd like your data to look like.

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