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How do I use my MATLAB code for starting an online service?

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I got my own developed toolbox created with MATLAB to analyze specific engineering problems, by plotting a massive data and calculate some physics. All these tasks are completely automated, by importing the data (conditioned with EXCEL), creating about 100 different plots and exporting the results (plots and tables) to PowerPoint (*.png files) or automated documentation (*.doc)
Now, I am planning web service where clients (engineer) could login and upload their data and export the readymade results.
What would be the workflow to deploy the MATLAB code in cloud as my own web service (a rough outline would help)?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 30 Lug 2022
MATLAB web services are not qualified as secure enough for public access, so you would need to create a public interface using some technology that you trust

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Shivam il 30 Lug 2022
If you are looking forward to use MATLAB in the cloud along with simulink, you can go through the following link and linked pages:


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