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Use of Array-plot in Simulink real time

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gbernardi il 6 Apr 2016
Risposto: gbernardi il 25 Apr 2016
I am using Simulink Real-time (2015b) and a Speedgoat machine to run some algorithms in real time.
To check the IN/OUT signals of my model on the Target computer, I use the Scope block that can be found in the library Simulink Real-Time -> Displays and Output.
However, I'd also like to be able to plot some filter coefficients I am adaptively estimating with my algorithm and I need something similar to the Array-Plot block ( DSP System Toolbox -> Sinks). The filter is, for instance, formed by 64 coefficients updated at every iteration of my algorithm and I want to plot it against the ground truth to see the estimation error, see figure.
Does anyone have an idea of how to achieve this in Simulink Real-Time?

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gbernardi il 25 Apr 2016
I found a (partial) solution to my problem, should anyone else be in need of a similar application.
It is sufficient to place an unbuffer block before the Simulink Real-Time Scope to obtain a result similar to the array-plot, provided that the size of the frame inputting the unbuffer block be the same size of the "Number of samples" field in the Simulink Real-Time Scope.
I still can't visualize both the arrays in the same scope, but the current solution is good enough for me, at the moment.

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