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Is there anyway to automatically open up a tab that was just generated?

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I have been working on a code for awhile now that automatically imports a large number of .csv files, decides which curve fit is the best option, and then integrates that function and plots both the fitted curve and its integral in a tab. As it goes down my list of files, it creates a new tab for each file (each with the plots of the fitted curve and integral).
From a purely aesthetic point of view, I would really like it if every time a new tab was created, the gui automatically opened that one. Because, currently, while the program is running (and it can take about 5 minutes), it stays open only on the first tab, as each new tab slowly pops into existence. (Don't worry, I have a wait bar so that the user knows not to touch anything!)
But is that possible? Is it possible to have the GUI automatically open up a tab that was just created?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Apr 2016
If tabgp is your uitabgroup and tabh is your newly created tab, then
set(tabgp, 'SelectedTab', tabh);

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Adam on 8 Apr 2016
Edited: Adam on 8 Apr 2016
hTabGroup.SelectedTab = hUiTab;
will programmatically set the current tab, assuming hTabGroup is your uitabgroup and hUiTab is the handle of the uitab object you have just created.
I don't think the GUI can react to the creation of a tab, as such, but you can manually set the tab like this immediately after creating your new tab.
Note: This syntax works from R2014b onwards. For earlier releases you need to use Walter's syntax (which will also still work in later versions)


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