Failed to using syntax 'genFunction' to simulate

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  • I have trained a ANN, then using 'genFunction' to create a function file.m named 'netFcn'. However, I have not yet understood about syntax of function: netFcn(X,~,~).
  • For example: input = [-0.993243243243243;-1] ; target = [-0.148851286284220]
  • the result ANN trained from this input is: output = [-0.138566963076372]
  • while using syntax : netFcn(-0.993243243243243,-1) = -0.131790888633589Why it is different with the output of ANN ? How to use a syntax netFcn(X,~,~) to predict correctly?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Apr 2016
The syntax
function result = netFcn(X,~,~)
means that netFcn expects three inputs to be passed in, but that it is going to ignore the second and third inputs.
The syntax
passes in the scalar -0.993243243243243 as the argument X to netFcn, and passes the scalar -1 as an additional parameter that netFcn is going to ignore. This is not the same as
input = [-0.993243243243243;-1]
for your training, because that input is a vector of two values, not a scalar. The equivalent would be

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