Getting Gold Feb (GCG12.CMX) Historical Data From Yahoo.

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Hi I am trying to get Gold Feb (GCG12.CMX) Historical Data From Yahoo Finance via DataFeeb toolbox.
The following is my code. conn = yahoo; b = fetch(conn,{'GCG12.CMX'},{'Close'},'2012-01-01','2012-01-30','d'); But I got the following warning message. ??? Error using ==> yahoo.fetch at 366 Unable to return historical data for given security.
Is there any commends which can fetch Gold Feb Historical Data?
Thanks so much Jessica

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Kawee Numpacharoen
Kawee Numpacharoen il 4 Ago 2017
Datafeed Toolbox no longer supports Yahoo! Finance API.

Stuart Kozola
Stuart Kozola il 4 Ago 2017
Yahoo no longer supports this api. See this answer for more information.



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