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Activating help for sub function

I have a function named mystats which calls two functions mymean and mymedian. All these three function are saved in the single mfile named mystats.m. Now my problem is when press f1 by selecting mystats i can see the documentation written there. But when i select the subfunction called mymean and press f1 i could not see the documenation written and i am getting the error as ''NO help found for mymean''. How can i solve this issue?
function [avg, med] = mystats(x)
% Description - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
% Input parameter - xxxxxxxxx
n = length(x);
avg = mymean(x,n);
med = mymedian(x,n);
function a = mymean(v,n)
% Description - YYYYYYYYY
a = sum(v)/n;
function m = mymedian(v,n)
% Description - zzzzzzzzz.
w = sort(v);
if rem(n,2) == 1
m = w((n + 1)/2);
m = (w(n/2) + w(n/2 + 1))/2;


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1 Answer

Answer by Azzi Abdelmalek
on 25 Aug 2016
Edited by Azzi Abdelmalek
on 25 Aug 2016
 Accepted Answer

mymean is not saved as a file, If you want to see the documentation inside mymean, you have to save it in a file mymean.m, or put all the help in the main function

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Apart from saving it in seperate file is no other way to handle this issue ?

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