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Use my GUI made in GUIDE, which controls a SIMULINK slx, to work in a EXE tottaly without MATLAB products.

Asked by vcmorini on 15 Sep 2016
Latest activity Edited by vcmorini on 15 Sep 2016
Dear all,
I have a GUI made in GUIDE where I put several variables in Edit Boxes. These variables goes to workspace and they are used as SIMULINK inputs when I push 'Simulate' in my GUI.
SIMULINK gives back outputs in workspace, and a button in the GUI, picks these outputs and plot graphs, tables, etc.
The user of the GUI should be able to change the variables, and press 'Simulate', only using my EXE (without any MATLAB products) the user should be able to see the plots, the tables, etc.
It would be an amazing experience doing that work. Have you ever done this?


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