how to make syntax highlight function names with bold ?

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In other languages the function names are written with bold characters
I think this makes the code more intelligible
Is this possible to set up in MATLAB ?

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross on 21 Sep 2016
I work for MathWorks and currently there is no supported way highlight function names in the MATLAB environment.
I have forwarded this enhancement request to the appropriate product team.
John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 31 May 2018
Edited: John D'Errico on 31 May 2018
The point is that in MATLAB, knowing if something is a function or not is possible to do only in context, at the time of execution. But to try to highlight something in the editor as a function or not is prone to failure in multiple ways. Again, consider this simple code:
% my EVIL script
eval(char([112 108 111 116 32 61 32 114 97 110 100 40 49 48 48 44 49 41 59]))
At first, plot is a function, and plot(1:5) will produce a plot. But the second time plot(1:5) occurs, it is no longer a function call. While this code is very simple, and what you want to see highlighted may appear obvious, the only way to know what is a function and is not, is to execute the code itself.
By the way, in case you want to know:
char([112 108 111 116 32 61 32 114 97 110 100 40 49 48 48 44 49 41 59])
ans =
'plot = rand(100,1);'
Honestly, I think such an idea would be the code from hell to write and try to produce a useful, accurate, consistent result. If MathWorks chooses to implement it, AND manages to find a way to do so in a robust way, then hey, GREAT!
However, the problems we have pointed out are real. If I were the MathWorks programmer assigned this task, I'd run screaming from the room in terror, as if Cthulhu himself was there. :) If I were the manager who chose to task some poor sot with the job, I'd think about investing TMW programming resources in a better place.
Remember that MathWorks has a finite set of resources. So their management needs to allocate those resources to tasks that have real value, AND will produce a stable result, not a bug filled mess.
Bug filled messes are something that management typically wishes only on their competition.

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