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Splitting the elements in the cell array

I have a cell array,
a = { abcdsfa_def , ef_ghi, higdsfasfa_klm}
Now i need to remove the each element in the cell array from '_'.
my answer should be a = {abcdsfa, ef, higdsfasfa}
Thanks a lot

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on 28 Oct 2016
Why does splitting 'abcdsfa_def' at '_' yield 'abc'? I'd expect 'abcdsfa'. 'efg' looks even more strange.

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2 Answers

Answer by Jan
on 28 Oct 2016
 Accepted Answer

While this does not match the shown output, it matches your explanations:
a = {'abcdsfa_def', 'ef_ghi', 'higdsfasfa_klm'}
r = strtok(a, '_')


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Answer by KSSV
on 28 Oct 2016

a = { 'abc_def' , 'efg_ghi', 'hig_klm'}
b = cellfun(@(x) x(1:3), a, 'UniformOutput', false)


Number of elements before underscore is not all alway three, a = {abcdef_dasf, as_dfafdsa} What to do in this case ?
on 28 Oct 2016
a = {'abcdef_dasf', 'as_dfafdsa'} ;
b = cell(size(a)) ;
for i= 1:length(a)
t = strsplit(a{i},'_') ;
b{i} = t{1} ;

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