Prediction and classification in data mining

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Kyle il 29 Gen 2017
Risposto: Sean de Wolski il 29 Gen 2017
I would like to predict my mood in four categories -- Happy, Sad, Angry and Exhausted -- based on weather, humidity, temperature, wind, stock price and is getting up late. A sample table is shown below
As seen, 'weather' has a few categories; 'humidity', 'temperature' and 'stock price' are numeric numbers; 'get up late' is a binary score. With the parameters of day 6 presented, what could my mood be?
Could you please suggest what kind of method I shall apply in such data mining task? Also is it possible to point out which parameter of a day has the major contribution to the mood? For example, in day 1 I'm happy maybe because majorly the weather is sunny, while in day 5 I feel exhausted possible due to the super wind!
Please suggest the method in such study, thanks!

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 29 Gen 2017
I would recommend using the classification learner app. You will need to import the data and transpose it so columns are variables and rows are observations.


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