variable value in figure title with separate lines

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I am trying to change the title of a figue dependent on an input value. However, my title is on multiple lines as it is so long. Therefore I can't use the standard format for adding a variable to a title.
The code I am using for the title name is below, and the variable is H2_conc:
title({'How Knudsen number changes for differing','ilmenite concentrations throughout the reaction','with a Hydrogen to ilmenite ratio of' num2str(H2_conc)':1' })

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Jose Lara
Jose Lara on 9 Mar 2017
Edited: Jose Lara on 9 Mar 2017
Hi Hannah,
You need to concatenate the string for the second line. It should look like shown below:
title({'How Knudsen number changes for differing ilmenite concentrations throughout the reaction ',...
['with a Hydrogen to ilmenite ratio of ' num2str(H2_conc) ' :1' ]})
Notice that after the comma, I used square brackets to enclose three different strings to create one complete string. Also, notice that I added "..." at the end of the first line. The tree dots means line continuation. MATLAB expressions normally end at the end of the line and adding these dots continue the "title" function.
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Hannah Sargeant
Hannah Sargeant on 10 Mar 2017
That's great, thank you! I used my original code with the square brackets which allows me to have three separate lines without the need to uses the ...

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