Why my input image is displayed as blank image by using the following code?

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I got a blank image as both input and output images when i process the matlab codes in the attached file. And there is no error shown in the command window. What is the reason for this and How can i solve this?

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Spencer Chen
Spencer Chen on 4 Apr 2017
The problem is that your converted your image to a double then applied rgb2gray. When the input is double, rgb2gray is expecting image values between 0 and 1, but your original image has values between 0 to 255 (uint8).
This conversion (to double) step is not necessary to execute rgb2gray.
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sam  CP
sam CP on 4 Apr 2017
When i remove the convert to double(IM=double(IM);) . I got following error
Error using .*
Integers can only be combined with integers of the same class, or scalar doubles.
Error in Untitled2 (line 44)

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