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How do you control both Horizontal and Vertical view angles in MATLAB's 3D viewer?

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Chris Gnam
Chris Gnam on 5 May 2017
Commented: Gaurav Ahuja on 18 May 2017
I'm working on a simulation in which I need to simulate what a camera will see given a specific position and attitude. I've been able to do this with all the built in features using things like campos() and what not. However now I need to adjust MATLAB's "camera" to see with the same field of view as the one I'm trying to simulate. camva() almost does the trick, however it can only adjust for one angle, thus producing a "square" field of view.
I need to adjust both the camera's vertical and horizontal view angles (as the camera I am trying to simulate has a horizontal field of view of 120 degrees, and a vertical field of view of 30 degrees). Is this possible and how might I go about doing this?
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Gaurav Ahuja
Gaurav Ahuja on 18 May 2017
You need to figure out if you would want to move the target point around the camera or the camera around the target point. other than what you have already used, I think the following two functions should help you achieve your goal.
view - You specify the viewpoint in terms of azimuth and elevation (
campan - Rotate camera target around camera position (

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