What are the properties of integer wavelet transforms that affect the reversible data hiding?

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Shaik Ahmad
Shaik Ahmad on 11 Sep 2017
Reopened: Shaik Ahmad on 12 Sep 2017
Currently, I am working on integer wavelet based reversible data hiding. From the past literature, I have observed that most of the integer wavelet transform used in RDH applications are taken from compression techniques.
Hence I have some questions on this which I have listed below:
What properties should a transform have to improve the performance of the reversible data hiding (RDH) system?
How the transforms affect the embedding capacity of the stego image?
How a transform influence the stego image visual quality?
In what way a transform domain RDH system will provide the security to the hidden data as opposed to spatial domain RDH systems?
How vanishing moments of the wavelet transform affect the performance of an RDH system?
What is the relation between wavelet shape, vanishing moments, embedding capacity and stego image visual quality?
What type of properties that need to be there in transforms that are used in RDH system as opposed to compression?
Any suggestion is appreciated

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