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Import data from text file

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Rica il 11 Set 2017
Modificato: KL il 11 Set 2017
Hi, i want to import data from a text file. the text is consisted of 201 column. The first column is a time column:
the oder 200 column are floting number. is textscan the approprite function to do this? Schould i specifiy the Format of all the 201 clumns, or is there any tricky function?
Thank you!

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Guillaume il 11 Set 2017
use readtable which should be able to figure out the format of your file on its own. It will probably fail for your time column and import it as text instead. This can be fixed either beforehand by overriding the import options or afterward with:
yourtable.yourfirstcolumn = datetime(yourtable.yourfirstcolumn, 'InputFormat', '', 'Format', '');
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KL il 11 Set 2017
Modificato: KL il 11 Set 2017
I agree! readtable(filename) should be enough if that file is properly formatted.

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