R2017a bug?, resample

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hamed amini
hamed amini il 3 Ott 2017
Commentato: hamed amini il 4 Apr 2018
I get an error trying to run the following example from the help page in Matlab R2017a.
fs = 10;
t1 = 0:1/fs:1;
x = t1;
y = resample(x,3,2);
t2 = (0:(length(y)-1))*2/(3*fs);
Error using vertcat
Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent.
Error in firls (line 179)
b=[b0; b];
Error in resample>uniformResample (line 208)
h = firls( L-1, [0 2*fc 2*fc 1], [1 1 0 0]).*kaiser(L,bta)' ;
Error in resample (line 104)
[varargout{1:max(1,nargout)}] = uniformResample(varargin{:});
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hamed amini
hamed amini il 4 Apr 2018
Hi Alexandre,
I think at the time, I used another way to resample. I tested the same code today on R2017a and it works now .... strange, Sorry for not being helpful.

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