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some functions of neural network toolbox are missing?

Asked by software on 23 Oct 2017
Latest activity Commented on by software on 24 Oct 2017
i have removed and installed neural net toolbox several time but still its not working? some functions are not working

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Which version are you using, and which functions are not working?

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Answer by Steven Lord
on 23 Oct 2017
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When you look up the function that you say is "not working" in the latest documentation and look at the end of their page, does it say that they were introduced in a later release than the one you're using?
What specifically does "not working" mean? Does it throw an error when you try to run them (and if so, what is the FULL text of that error message -- everything in red?) Does it issue a warning (ditto about the full text, except everything in orange.)


Undefined function or variable 'transposedConv2dLayer'. error message. this function and some others are missing in neural network toolbox. 2016b version. i also tried 2017a version but same problem accured. actually i'm trying semantic segmentation of triangles example.
transposedConv2dLayer was added in R2017b.

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