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how to compile pretrained networks?

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Daniel Vieira
Daniel Vieira il 27 Ott 2017
I have a code like this:
function results=myNet(filename)
load(filename) %loads data from mat file
X=.... %simple math to correctly format the data for the network
I'm trying to compile this. On the compiler app, I selected myNet as the main file, and added the 'net.mat' file as a necessary file. then I open the cmd window, go to the 'for test' folder, and call the function:
myNet data.mat > answer.txt
it should create the answer.txt file with my results, but it creates an empty file. when running everything inside MATLAB it works just fine. I tried 5 variations of the code (different syntaxes to apply net, different definitions of the function input, tried to save the result from the code instead of the cmd), nothing worked. Any idea what am I doing wrong?

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