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what happens if a license expires while a script is still running?

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I have a neural network training on a cluster right now. I estimated that on my personal machine it would take 10 days running; on the cluster it can be sped up by 2-5 times (7 if I use all cores, but I can't), so it would take 2 to 5 days to train there. However, the cluster licenses are trials, and they expire in a few days, fewer than 5 actually.
What happens if that license expires while the script is running? Will it be interrupted? Will it finish? If it ends, will I be able to fetchOutputs? Should I stop and try to renew the trial?

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Jan il 14 Dic 2017
Modificato: Jan il 14 Dic 2017
I've seen a Matlab desktop stopped working, when the license expired during an execution, but not while the computations were running, but when the command window gained the focus. Maybe this means, that your scripts are not stopped. But If you try to solve a real problem, it is the best idea to ask somebody, who knows this exactly: Contact MathWorks using the "Contact Us" button in the upper right corner of this page. Perhaps they can expand the license by some days, or they might tell you that your work is not covered by the trial license at all.

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