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App Designer 2017b runs but won't open mlapp file from 2017a

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Hi there,
I wrote this as a comment to another question, but I guess the situation was a little different, and the solution did not work for me.
I have an app that I wrote in 2016b. I have since modified it in 2017a. I have tried copying the file to different computers with different versions of Matlab. The file seems to run correctly in 2017b, but it won't open. I only get a dialog box saying 'Error loading XXXXX.mlapp' but no other information. This was tested on two distinct computers. The file opens and runs correctly on other computers with 2017a. The Matlab licenses were not the same between the computers if this makes a difference.

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Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams il 24 Gen 2018
Modificato: Melissa Williams il 24 Gen 2018
Hi Neil,
Please see this bug report. Updating your MATLAB may resolve the issue.
If not, can you open a claim with tech support and if possible include your app so we can take a look and see what we can do to recover it. Apps created in 17a should be openable in 17b without an issue.

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