how to sum multiple matrics inside a cell array?

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for example:
A = cell(1,3);
A{1} = [1];
A{2} = [1];
A{3} = [1];
What's a quick command to sum these cell elements to return [3]? plus() only works for size of two.
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Stephen23 on 11 Feb 2018
Why store numeric scalars in a cell array anyway? The efficient solution to this is to convert to a numeric vector and then use the inbuilt sum, so why not skip the middle steps of using the cell array and simply store the data in a numeric array?

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Accepted Answer

James Tursa
James Tursa on 11 Feb 2018
result = sum([A{:}]);
Mohammod Minhajur Rahman
Mohammod Minhajur Rahman on 17 Nov 2018
Edited: Mohammod Minhajur Rahman on 17 Nov 2018
Could you please suggest how it might work for matrices? I mean, if A{1} = magic(150); A{2} = magic(150); A{3} = magic(150); and the result should be a matrix of 150x150. Also, magic(150) is a sparse matrix?

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