How to accurately process multiple frames in a video file using for and while loops

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I am interested in tracking a white horizontal line that slowly moves up a semicircle (bottom to top) over time. In my code: I import my video > read the frames > crop them and place them into a cell that contains each frame of the freezing droplet. I then select the same column in each frame and wish to analyze the movement of the freezing droplet over time (or frames).
The problem I am having is my code doesn't read all of the rows in each frame completely. It looks like it stops at the last white pixel. I know this because the cell I am building through my for loop (variable A) has different sized matrices in them. Some matrices have more amounts of rows than others. While what I want is for all matrices to have 230 rows (the max height of the droplet) so that I know the exact location of the freezing line in that frame.
I have attached the variable (Crop1) that contains all 700 of the frames that I want to be observing. The following is my code:
nstart = 260;
nend = 700;
middle1 = 243;
for t = nstart:nend % nstart and nend are the first and last frames to be observed respectively
i = 1;
while i<230 % 230 is the max height of the droplet
if Crop1{t}(i,middle1) == 1 %Crop1 is a cell made of up of video frames
A{t}(i,1) = Crop1{t}(i,middle1);
%i = 230;
i = i + 1;
I{t} = [A{t},;];
The end goal of this is to obtain a cell that consists of 700 (which is the amount of frames) matrices. These matrices need to have only 1 column and 230 rows. Then, I will be able to pinpoint the location of the freezing line in each matrix and plot it against time.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 18 Feb 2018
user on 20 Feb 2018
Yes, your solution works quite nicely! I think at this point I just have to work on a better method of processing my image, thanks!

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