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Update viscircles position in an interactive plot

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Raldi il 29 Mar 2018
Commentato: Adam il 29 Mar 2018
I am creating a circle at a specified position using
F = viscircles([Xposition Yposition], radious);
Later on the code I need to update the circles' position by using the hanfle `F`, in the same manner that if this was a scatter plot I could say
set(F, 'XData', ...
What is the equivalent command for setting the circles' center?
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Adam il 29 Mar 2018
When i tested it the result of viscircles (i.e. f) is a hggroup object containing 2 Lines, though I'm not sure why, both lines show the circle, but seem to have slightly different positional data.
You could edit each one with e.g.

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