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The vendor 'directsound' is not known. Use 'daq.getVendors()' for a list of vendors Error displayed while using Data Acquisition Tool Box

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This is my code.
fs = 48000;
duration = 60; %secs
s = daq.createSession('directsound');
s.DurationInSeconds = duration;
s.UseStandardSampleRates = true;
s.Rate = fs;
devs = daq.getDevices;
[ch34, idx34] = addAudioOutputChannel(s,devs(11).ID,1:2);
[ch56, idx56] = addAudioOutputChannel(s,devs(17).ID,1:2);
queueOutputData(s, [y0 y1 y2 y3]);
But I am always getting an error
The vendor 'directsound' is not known. Use 'daq.getVendors()' for a list of vendors
What could be my possible solution!!

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Rodolfo Ribeiro
Rodolfo Ribeiro il 26 Mag 2018
I faced the same issue. You just have to run this code "daqreset" before and you are good to go.

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 26 Mag 2018


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