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Can an APP access the calling functions workspace?

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Chris on 23 Apr 2018
Edited: Chris on 23 Apr 2018
If I execute an APP can it access the workspace of a function I am debugging?
I am trying to write an APP that will plot my custom data types while debugging within a function. As a function my plotting tool can access the callers workspace with evalin('caller',...) but when converted to an APP this fails. Using dbstack within the APP I see that the function the breakpoint is within is several levels up from the APPs workspace. Since evalin does not work recursively am I out of luck?
I am trying to make the plotting tool as easy to use as I can so having to declare data in the base workspace or with setappdata is not desirable. (My APP can access the base workspace but data will not always be there.)
I could always run my plotting tool as a function but it would be nice if I did not have to type the function name - clicking on an APP button is easier and does not require remembering the name. There is a reason for APPs after all :-)
Thanks for any help.
Edit: I have learned that I can add functions under Home/Favorites this should get me the functionality I am looking for; but I am still interested in doing this as an APP if there is a solution.


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