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Problem reading Modbus/TCP with Instrument Control Toolbox

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I am trying to read a Victron Energy photovoltaic system from Modbus/TCP (see the mapping example here) by means of the Instrument Control Toolbox. First, I created the object by means of this command:
>>m = modbus('tcpip', '192.168.XXX.50', 502)
and it seems to respond correctly because the answer is:
m =
Modbus TCPIP with properties:
DeviceAddress: '192.168.XXX.50'
Port: 502
Status: 'open'
NumRetries: 1
Timeout: 10 (seconds)
ByteOrder: 'big-endian'
WordOrder: 'big-endian'
Then, I try to read a register through the command read(m,target,address,count, serverId):
>> read(m,'holdingregs',3,1,246)
And I found the following error:
The Modbus server returned an invalid address error. Address + count is out of range.
How can I solve this problem?

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