possible problem with matlab installer for linux (2018b)

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Hi, I'm trying to install matlab 2018b on ubuntu gnome 16.04, it seems quite strainght-forward, but I've run into a problem and it seems to be with the installer.
I've downloaded the .zip file, extracted, opened a terminal and used the command:
sudo ./install
Very straight-vorward, and just like every tutorial instructs. But I got this error:
/home/danielvieira/Downloads/matlab_R2018b_glnxa64/bin/unknown/install_unix: not found
I thought it was strange and checked this file, the folder "unknown" doesn't exist, but the folder "glnxa64" does, and it does contain the file "install_unix". So I tried renaming the folder, and I got similar errors in the java folder. After renaming this one too, the sudo ./install ran, but did nothing, it didn't open the installer GUI as it should.
I deleted and downloaded everything again, and ran into the same errors.
Am I doing something wrong? It seems to me the installer is looking for the wrong folder, if that's so then it's a bug, right? Any other thing I should try?

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