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How to find probability of an interval using the density plot?

Asked by Clarisha Nijman on 25 Oct 2018
Dear all,
Given: d=randi([-3 3],10,1);% an arbritrary set of values U=[-5:5];%range of interest
Find: The images (probabilities) of the density plot for elements U as argument(values on x-axis).
From you matlab site I found nice instructions referring to the APP: Distribution fitting tool, and I manage to draw the density plot with a non-parametric distribution. I also generated the code, from which I understand 50%.
What I do not yet understand is how to find the probabilities (areas under density plot) for a set of values/ranges on the x-axis. For example, [-5,-4>, [-4,-3>........
Can anyone give me some feedback/suggestions?
Thank you in advance


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