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Selecting arbitrary sequence of rows from a matrix

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gujax on 29 Oct 2018
Edited: gujax on 29 Oct 2018
A=100000x1 made of numbers <3000 : A=[2345,123,4000, etc...]
B=5000x100000 an array of numbers given;
Select A out of B(:,1) for each of 100000 columns.
i.e., make a new cell array out of B picking out 2345x100000; 123x100000; 4000x100000 etc elements


KSSV on 29 Oct 2018
Pick how? in a order or random?
YOu said A<3000, but i has 4000 in it.
Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 29 Oct 2018
You'll hard time to store them on your poor PC.
gujax on 29 Oct 2018
Sorry, KSSV, yes 4000 is incorrect. It should be < 3000. And it should be picked up in the sequence as in A. I will have hard time storing this but the size of A is actually 5000 . I can split B in steps of 50000 columns.. I worked out something using indexing finally. Unless someone has better ideas. I will post my solution once I check it works.
Another problem I faced is that because of indexing method I had to use cumsum. The integers blew up where it reached int32 limit. Now I have to declare everything uint64. I am afraid some math later may blow this up on me. Don't know what is the best way to handle this.

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