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Drop down not populating correctly in App Designer R2018b

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Hi all,
I have an enumeration class like this:
classdef values
One, Two, Three, Four
I want to use those values to populate a drop down menu in the app designer. In R2017b the following works:
[app.DropDown.ItemsData, app.DropDown.Items] = enumeration('values');
In R2018b it does not. When this portion of code executes, the drop down is populated with a single element, the first element of the enum.
When I do the same thing with a named value pair, by that I mean an enum that represents certain integer values, it works as expected.
I have attached the files to this post, for reference.
Is this expected behavior or have I happened on a bug? is there another way of populating the drop down?
I cannot manually populate them, as I am passing the parameter on to a function that expects an enum parameter.

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