how to correct time ?

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Lilya on 13 Jan 2019
Commented: Lilya on 13 Jan 2019
Hi all,
the from netCDF file shows:
Size: 365x1
Dimensions: time
Datatype: double
long_name = 'Time (hours since 1950-01-01)'
standard_name = 'time'
calendar = 'gregorian'
units = 'hours since 1950-01-01 00:00:00'
axis = 'T'
_ChunkSizes = 1
_CoordinateAxisType = 'Time'
valid_min = 534732
valid_max = 543468
and I want to get the time corrected to matlab time, I used the commands below:
stime = double(time);
stime = stime + datenum(1950,1,1,0,0); % create a time array in matlab time
dtime = datevec(stime);
and here is the result (not correct):
dtime = 534732
I want to correct it to MATLAB time. Any help will be appreciated.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Jan 2019
Serial date numbers are in days; entries from the file are in hours. You are taking a base time in days (a good step in itself) and adding hours as if they were days.
There is a trick available here: whenever you populate a datevec or datetime field with a higher value than the normal per-cycle maximum, then the extra is carried up to as many fields above as necessary.
dtime = datetime(1950, 1, 1, time, 0, 0)
Looks like you would get 01-Jan-2011 12:00:00 to 31-Dec-2011 12:00:00
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Lilya on 13 Jan 2019
Thank you a bunch!
I really appreciate your help Sir Walter

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