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Simulink 2018b keeps crashing unexpectedly

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gbernardi il 8 Feb 2019
Risposto: gbernardi il 22 Apr 2019
I recently upgraded to Matlab/Simulink 2018b on both my work machines (a Macbook with Mac OS X 10.14.2 and a desktop with Windows 7). In both machines I've experienced an unusually large number of crashes. The memory usage starts to skyrocket and I'm forced to kill the process. I've been working with Matlab/Simulink for quite some time and I've never had such a bad experience with previous versions (just in the last couple of years I worked a lot with 2018a, 2017a/b, 2016a).
I should add that the models I'm working on have been created with this new version so I can't rule out the possiblity that they are the cause of the problem. However, I'm mainly working with some simple adaptive filters implementations so I wouldn't expect the models to be the cause (especially since I have 16GB of ram in my Macbook so I wouldn't think it's that easy to crash it).
I attached the crash log I just got on my Mac, hoping it helps. As i keep working today, i'm sure I will have more logs to add to the list.
Thanks for your help.
PS: I went through other similar answers and they mention the clash between Matlab on Mac and an app call Magnet. I don't have that app installed at the moment; moreover, the problem happens also on my Windows machine.
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SmokeTheDrone il 30 Mar 2019
Just using the Add On Manager and Explorer is crashing mine, Really disappointed.

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gbernardi il 19 Apr 2019
I had to switch to 2019a for work and it's the same thing. Does anybody know (from other threads) if Mathworks is doing any attempt to solve this problem?

gbernardi il 22 Apr 2019
Unfortunately, if I try to run the models I created in 2019a using the last version that was not giving me problems (2018a) they don't seem to be running anymore. It's not the standard error you see when you try opening a model saved with a more recent version.
The error log is in the attachment.


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