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If I have
a = [1:5], b = [1:5], c =[1:5], d =[1:5], e = zeros(1,4);
How can I write a code for the following condition?
I want to pick the first entries from a,b,c,d and put in 'e', that will be 1 1 1 1. I want the conition were no two entries are the same. If two entries a same, I want to replace it with another value from the array. So I want 'e' to be 1 2 3 4

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Rik on 9 Mar 2019
You can use code similar to that below. It is easier to put the input data in a cell arrray than to have different names for them. The code below does not check if it is possible to form a unique combination, nor is it guaranteed to find a combination if it is possible.
for n=2:numel(input_data)
while any(ismember(output(1:(n-1)),input_data{n}(k)))
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Esegboria Osarhemen
Esegboria Osarhemen on 9 Mar 2019
Thanks, the actual data i want to apply the code to is in a cell

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