Change dashed line spacing on plot

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I G il 15 Mar 2019
Commentato: I G il 15 Mar 2019
I need to plot 6 different black lines on plot, and all of them need to be lines (without markers). The problem is there are only 4 types of lines (- line, : dotted, -- dashed, -. dash dot) in Matlab plot. I did not find the possibility to change spacing in dashed line, or any other line. Is there some possibility for that, maybe in more recent versions of Matlab?
I found very usefyl script for dashed line but when I plot dot dash line with it, dots are too big, like markers. Does anyonw know how to get smaller dots in that script?

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KSSV il 15 Mar 2019
You may follow something like this:
x = 1:100 ;
y = rand(size(x)) ;
% make dashed line with gaps
idx = reshape(x,10,[])' ; % this can be changed to skip lines accordingly
y(idx(1:2:end)) = NaN ;
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KSSV il 15 Mar 2019
What version you are using? idx arranges indices in certain order.
I G il 15 Mar 2019
I am using R2015a

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