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Conversion of .gdf file into .mat file

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Does anyone knows, how to convert the .gdf file into the .mat file?

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Prathamesh Degwekar
Prathamesh Degwekar il 21 Mag 2019
I found a similar question already on the forum and it has a couple of answers.
You can check it out here. I'm not sure if this solves your problem but it may help.

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Yaron Segal
Yaron Segal il 8 Gen 2020
Had a similar problem, I downloaded the BIOSIG library and than installed it. Then use the "sload" command to upload the data file. Once you have the matrix loaded you can save it in any format you like to have.
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Jesús Daniel Olivares Figueroa
Yo quiero descargar la librería de BIOSIG, podrías pasarme el link de descarga?

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