can't run a function which is part of a project itself after rendering to executable file.

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i rendered an executable file yesterday but unfortunately there was a function don't run, while it run in matlab editor perfectly.
Those are my files that i store into compiler menu. and the function that i am talking about is the one that i give a mark (blue mark).
What the view will be supposed :
but the view right now before the require function don't run is:
it just show blank axes.
please someone help me to fix my problem. i need to convert my project to executable type without any problem for my graduation requirement,
hopefully someone would help me soon.
thank in advance.
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Bachtiar Muhammad Lubis
Bachtiar Muhammad Lubis il 25 Lug 2019
how can my i/o of my function aren't existing jan?
i think projProfille_Horizontal.m run properly on IDE. after converted the project into .exe file it doesn't run. And also i have cleared my commented code but it still doesn't fix my issue.
which part do make you confuse jan ?
By the why how can i fix this and how can there aren't input and/or output there.
thanks in advance

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