About using the "To String" block without changing the code substitution library (TI C28)

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Kunihide Hirai
Kunihide Hirai on 26 Jun 2019
When I try to create a file for C2000 series including "To String" block in a Simulink model and execute a build such as "F28379D", I get an error that "TI C28" is not compatible.
Some reference models affect the code replacement library settings of the entire project, and the build will not pass unless you change the setting to "none".
Is there a way to use "To String" without changing the replacement library?
It is an error to read data in "Single Type" from "Data Store Read" and connect to "To String". It seems that it is not an error if it is only "String Constant".
At the stage of model creation on a PC without Embedded Coder, the setting of the code replacement library was "None" and this error did not appear until the build was executed.

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