Matlab runs on Windows OS - mySQL database runs on Linux OS: what driver to use?

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As the title suggests: we have installed a mySQl database on a Linux/Ubuntu computer. I would like to connect to this database remotely using Matlab & the database toolbox. Matlab runs on a Windows 7 OS.
I'm a bit confused what driver to use: do I need to configure a JDBC driver or ODBC driver on my windows computer where Matlab is installed?
Probably a simple question for the expert, but a bit confusing to me ...
Thanks in advance!

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Arpan Badeka
Arpan Badeka on 31 Jul 2019
Edited: Arpan Badeka on 31 Jul 2019
Hi Henk-Jan,
  1. To connect remotely to the database server, you will have to update the "/etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf" file to accept remote connections.
  2. Once setup is done. You can either configure ODBC connection by installing the driver on windows machine. Then use to configure the datasource. Then using the database method( ) to connect to the datasource.
  3. Another Option is to download the JDBC database driver. Then use to configure the datasource. Similarly, use database method to connect to the datasource.
Arpan Badeka




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