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Matlab rounding my values without me wanting it

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Martin il 26 Ago 2019
Commentato: Martin il 26 Ago 2019
Hello, this basically frustrates me a bit, - if I have:
Price = 20074.5;
And I present it in my table like this:
I dont get decimals? Anyone know a way around this? I hope there can be some kind of solution without format long/short because I don't want to touch other things
- Best

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 26 Ago 2019
You get that when format short or format short g or format rat or format hex is in effect.
To work around this without changing your active format, you will need to edit the function getFloatFormats() at roughly line 427 of file toolbox/matlab/datatypes/@tabular/disp.m
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 26 Ago 2019
function disptable(Table)
old_format = matlab.internal.display.format;
format long
Martin il 26 Ago 2019
This work but unfortunately it makes the other values in the table very long :/. I only gave a simple table but there are like 20 columns. E.g. I got a percent column where I just need it to show 0.93 but with format long it show:

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