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GUi WindowScrollWheenFcn problem. Please help

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Please don't delete or flag my questions.
This is important for me. Next time, I will flag other's questions as weill.
To those who have knowledge on designing GUI, please can you let me know what this error is and how can I solve it?
Warning: Setting the "WindowScrollWheelFcn" property is not permitted while this mode is active.
> In matlab.uitools.internal.uimodemanager>localModeWarn (line 211)
In matlab.uitools.internal.uimodemanager>@(obj,evd)(localModeWarn(obj,evd,hThis)) (line 86)
In experiment (line 134)
And the line I am facing problems is this
set (hFig, 'WindowScrollWheelFcn', @mouseScroll);
Where hFig is the main figure of my GUI.
Any help please?
I am using R2017b and R2018b

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord il 26 Set 2019
Please send this question to Technical Support using the telephone icon in the upper-right corner of this page.

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