How to divide column vector elements in unequal parts against a condition?

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I have Pressure data against 5 days(for sample)
I want Pressure for all these days in different column according to days in single matrix only?
I want code which does everything, because I have big data.
I want all column of pressure for different days inside one matrix or variable say i.e x or y.
Is it possible because length of all pressure data for a day will be different from each other?
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Stephan il 28 Nov 2019
Modificato: Stephan il 28 Nov 2019
Due to different lengths of your daily data you should use a cell array:
A = readmatrix('New Text Document.txt');
k_min = min(unique(A(:,1)));
k_max = max(unique(A(:,1)));
x = cell(1,k_max-k_min+1);
for k = k_min:k_max
x{:,k} = A(A(:,1)==k,2);
Access the data of the single days by using:
x{1,2} % to look day 2
x{1,5} % day 5

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