ctrb function and syms error

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Hyo jong Cho
Hyo jong Cho il 28 Nov 2019
Risposto: Chidvi Modala il 31 Dic 2019
sym에서 double(으)로 변환하는 중 다음 오류가 발생했습니다.
표현식을 double형 배열로 변환할 수 없습니다.
오류 발생: ctrb (line 33)
co(:,1:nu) = b;
The following error occurred while converting from sym to double:
Cannot convert expression to double-type array.
Error occurred: ctrb (line 33)
co(:1,1:nu) = b; --> how to solve this error?

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Chidvi Modala
Chidvi Modala il 31 Dic 2019
Controllability matrix for a system is given by Where A is nxn constant matrix and B is n by m constant matrix.
The error occurred because, In your script, you declared A and B matrix with variables as elements. ctrb function works for only constant matrices.


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